Brake Workshop

At our site in Newcastle we have a workshop which is able to reline brake shoes for truck, bus, crane, forklift, car, trailer, caravan, vintage vehicle and many more applications.

However, we are not only able to reline brake shoes. We are also able to reline and service a wide range of brake and clutch related parts. Our friction services are wide and diverse and include:
  • Brake band relining for marine and industrial use
  • Brake discs supplied to any size specification
  • Industrial brake pads, calipers and seals for many off-road applications
  • Brake bonding and riveting
  • Wet and dry friction applications
  • Rolls of moulded and woven friction material supplied to size
  • and many more.......

We have dealt with a wide range of customers from all industries for over 30 years and so have the expertise and experience to help you.

Please contact us for more information.